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What is Talk B2B software?

  • B2B matchmaking software
  • Web and mobile platform covered
  • Easy to manipulate, intuitive user interface
  • Many successful implementations

Talk B2B is web and mobile platform, and belongs to the category of B2B matchmaking events (brokerage events) software. It is the perfect tool for trade fairs, conferences, networks and specialist groups
TalkB2B - The most efficiant way to find a business partner

Who are we?

We are specialized in design and development of bespoke web, desktop and mobile applications and websites.

Since 2007 we have successfully delivered dozens of projects for domestic and foreign clients.

We are ISO certified in:
ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System
ISO 27001:2005 Information Security Management System.


  • Meeting organizers have an easy and intuitive tool to build and maintain event page
  • All important data are available over mobile apps (Android, iOS)
  • Participants have a very efficient tool to arrange their meetings prior to the start of their event
  • The software provides high level of networking and advanced search functions

Customer review

We had opportunity to work with highly professional Talk B2B team on organisation of brokerage event at SASO fair in Split, Croatia. They are highly organised and dedicated to help and provide top class IT solution. On time delivery and reliability with continuous support no matter what are really praiseworthy.

Nikola Balic, SASO Fair 2012, Croatia